Linnane Armstrong


  1. My paper and ink testing is complete- I have decided on Arches 88 paper with Tom Huck’s Outlaw Black Ink from Gamblin (shown below). The other ink I tested was Gamblin’s Portland Black (shown above). It is drying considerably slower than Outlaw, and appears shinier, both things I would like to avoid for this project. Arches 88 has a beautiful smooth surface and still deckles nicely when I tear the edges.

  2. Ink #1 test complete! This is a great ink (Tom Huck’s Outlaw Black) but we will see how tomorrow’s ink compares. So far Arches 88 is the front runner for paper, though Rives BFK is a surprising second. Rising Stonehenge has been my go to paper for years, but I thought I might see what else is out there. Rising is in fourth place behind Somerset Satin. And unsurprisingly the Speedball baren is out, what a lame tool. I still love my Japanese plastic disk baren.

  3. Also will be testing inks and new brayers, as well as a new baren (old one also pictured). And cleaning stuff. And some new carving tools too. Love new toys!

  4. I am preparing for a large commission by testing different papers for the edition of 270 prints. The commission project itself will have to stay out of sight until after delivery early December, but I will show you the paper testing over the next few days on the small block I carved last weekend. I love fresh paper!

  5. Proof progression of new seven-block woodcut (“Stoneman Bridge,” working title). Some small changes to make before final printing, like the shadow in the sky, but getting close.

  6. Seven blocks all finished for my new piece, from photos I took near the Stoneman Bridge in Yosemite (title tbd). It is a little hard to see what will happen because some blocks have extra color on them at this point that will not print. First proof tonight!

  7. Proof printing key block:

  8. Printing progression for “Reflection of Half Dome.”

  9. Key block is almost finished- now I will print it once, then use the print to create the reflection of the bridge at the very bottom of the piece. The watercolor sketch is what it will (sort of) look like in the end.

  10. Progress carving… Upside down ponderosa detail: