Linnane Armstrong


  1. Printing “Rising With the Sun” four block woodcut.

  2. Moku hanga printmaking demonstration last weekend. Photo by Mary Chamberlain.

  3. Eight prints finished, two on the very right are flawed but the rest are good.

  4. First two proofs of new Skagit Valley Tulip Fields piece. Some inking issues to work out on key block, but getting very close on this 9 block woodcut.

  5. Pulling the first proof of the key block. I will use the proof to lay out the next blocks.

  6. Key block finished… On to blocks 2-12!

  7. Almost finished… Now off to the day job.

  8. Still carving key block…

  9. Progress carving key block.

  10. And so it begins… Preparing to transfer new design from watercolor sketch to key block. So glad I finished my taxes so I can get back to the good part!