Linnane Armstrong


  1. Proof progression of new seven-block woodcut (“Stoneman Bridge,” working title). Some small changes to make before final printing, like the shadow in the sky, but getting close.

  2. Seven blocks all finished for my new piece, from photos I took near the Stoneman Bridge in Yosemite (title tbd). It is a little hard to see what will happen because some blocks have extra color on them at this point that will not print. First proof tonight!

  3. Proof printing key block:

  4. Printing progression for “Reflection of Half Dome.”

  5. Key block is almost finished- now I will print it once, then use the print to create the reflection of the bridge at the very bottom of the piece. The watercolor sketch is what it will (sort of) look like in the end.

  6. Progress carving… Upside down ponderosa detail:

  7. Starting a new piece. Three weeks until deadline for the Froggwell Biennale show. Eek!

  8. First and second proofs, working on color and finishing touches of carving.

  9. All of eight blocks for “Reflection of Half Dome,” before first proof.

  10. Four of eight blocks finished for “Reflection of Half-Dome.” On June 21 I am throwing a First Proof Party where I will print all eight blocks together for the first time! That is always one of my favorite moments, so I thought I would share it with others.